What gifts for children to celebrate their happy day?

 Look! Mom… No cavities !

 Candies, toys or school stationeries? Everything can make your child happy, but the greatest gift for your kids should be the gift of health.

Children are often very vulnerable to tooth decay , toothache. If they don’t know how to  take care of their teeth and to have a regular dental check up, gradually there will be dental disease which affects their health and even results in unpredictable cases. 


To help parents take care of their children’s teeth. #hiDental has launched two special programs on the occasion of this year’s International Children’s Day.

Healthy Teeth , Happy Home

? Free service of a Baby Tooth extraction for children under 12

? 20% off for Children braces services (Shuttle service during treatment)

? 50% off for a General examination package

(Oral-Exam, X-ray, Tartar Removal) to Parents

Apply from: May 25 – June 6

Children Dental Clinic visit

 With only 100.000 vnd / sesion 45 minutes , the visit helps your child understand everything about Dentistry basic and remove the fear of going to the clinic.

–        Visit and learn about the daily tasks at a dental clinic.

–        Get to know about taking care of teeth and talk to the Dentist.

–        Get advice on how to take care of your teeth in the most simple and easy understandable way .

–        Help your kids relax when coming to the dentist , realize that the Doctor is a true friend who helps your child have pure and clean teeth .

–        Have fun at the game corner of hiDental .

 hiDental Clinic is one of the most advanced and prestigious dentistry in Ho Chi Minh City by its quality and customer satisfying experience.

With highly qualified dentists & staff, who have many years of experience, hiDental is committed to meet all the dental aesthetics standards as well as providing customers the most excellent experience.

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