What is Implant?

  • Implant is the most modern method of denture recovery today, which can overcome the shortcomings of traditional methods. Replacement dentures are permanently attached to the implant in the case of patients have few and individual teeth loss. If the patient loses all the teeth, the implant will increase the retention for removable dentures in the mouth.
  • This treatment includes inserting a titanium tooth root into the jaw bone to replace the missing one. Then dentures attached to titanium tooth root to restore crowns through an abutment.
cấy ghép implant
Implant Structure (Source: Vneconomy News)

Implant at hiDental:

 Implant at hiDental has outstanding advantages such as:

  • The most modern & advanced technology today.
  • Highly aesthetic.
  • Bring true feelings, can eat and drink easily and comfortably.
  • The implant process is safe, fast and painless with only a small amount of anesthetic.
  • After the implant process, the patient has no or just a little bit pain
  • Preventing bone resorption due to tooth loss.
  • No causing loss of surrounding teeth such as bridges.
  • Long life-time.
cấy ghép implant
Implant Process (Source: VietNam Daily)

Operation Procedures

Step 1: Examination and consultation

At hiDental, patients will be examined directly with the specialized dentists. Depending on the patient’s status, the doctor will assign the appropriate method of Implant.

Step 2: Take X-rays of face & jaw, Simulate S Implant

In this step, the doctor will perform a 3D CT to accurately assess the bones and blood vessels, as well as the nerves involved. This is an important step to assess whether the patient has enough bone for the implant. If there is not enough bone, doctors will consider a plan for a bone graft treatment.

Step 3: Make teeth/ tooth impression and plan up treatment

For each specific case of tooth loss, the doctor will recommend different methods and treatment plans.

Step 4: Proceed the Implantation

The doctors proceed the Implant in the aseptic surgery room. After local anesthesia, the patient will not feel pain during treatment.

Step 5: Attach abutment and attach temporary teeth to perform the chewing function

After attaching the Implant tooth root, the doctor will proceed to attach the temporary teeth so that the patient can easily chew, as well as ensure aesthetic while waiting for the crown attaching stage.

Step 6: Attach crown on the Implant for the customer. Evaluate the result & check the strength of Implant

Crown is attached closely to the Implant tooth root. The color and size are like real teeth. This is an advanced and modern technique. Implant dental has the same natural beauty as real teeth.

Step 7: Implant care and appoint a detailed re-examination schedule:

After completing the surgery, the patient will be instructed by the doctors on how to take care of the teeth and schedule regular follow-up re-examination to make sure the Implant being cured well and be stable.


Implant25,000,000 VND – 280,000,000 VND (depending on the level of treatment)