With the standards of modern beauty, white teeth give the impression of good dental health. So, your smile will improve with stronger shiny white teeth. Do not hesitate to learn about teeth whitening service with hiDental!

Before and after have teeth whitening treatment. (Source: The Good Human)

There are many causes of tooth discoloration: using many colored foods (tea, coffee, turmeric, …), tooth decay, natural dull teeth, tetracyclin infections, etc. Whatever the cause, dull teeth always make the smile less bright. Therefore, whitening is currently an increasingly popular beauty trend for all genders and ages.

At hiDental, we have 3 treatment options for teeth whitening:

1. Whitening at home under the guidance of the dentist:

Right on the first appointment, the doctor will take the impression of your teeth and make you a plastic tray that fits tightly into the teeth. When you go home, you will put bleach (selected by the dentist) into this plastic tray and apply it to your teeth. The at-home bleaching process will end when you have achieved the desired color, but do not bleach in more than 2 weeks.

  • Advantages: cheap price, less time in the clinic
  • Disadvantages: customers have to do it themselves, so the results depend a lot on your “hard work”. During the bleaching process, you must abstain from all kinds of colored foods because at this time the enamel is very easy to staining. Another drawback is that it is relatively slow to lighten the stains.

2. Bleaching at the dental clinic:

You will be treated with bleach onto the teeth, and a plasma will help the medicine work faster. The entire bleaching process in the room only takes about 45 minutes, and you do not have to wear extra bleaching tray when you go home.

  • Advantages: you’ll see results in a short time. The dentists will be the people that implement, thus creating peace of mind feeling.
  • Disadvantages: expensive price

3. Bleached combination:

In case the bleaching at the dental clinic has not brought you the desired results, you still want more whitening teeth, the dentist will make a bleaching tray and instruct you to wear at home.

  • Advantages: fast process, ensuring results are as white as you want
  • Disadvantages: expensive price
Teeth whitening service at hiDental clinic.

Whitening teeth operation procedure

At hiDental, the procedure of whitening teeth with Plasma includes the following steps:

Step 1:

Examination and consultation: In cases where teeth cannot be improved with bleaching (tetracycline-infected teeth, discolored teeth), patients will be advised other services such as porcelain veneers to improve the appearance of teeth.

Step 2:

Teeth cleaning by removing the tartar. Fillings the tooth decay to prevent the bleach from contacting the dentin inside the teeth causing sensitivity. Particularly for the front teeth, the fillings is only for the covering purpose, after bleaching, it is recommended to re-fillings with the same color teeth after bleaching.

Step 3:

Implement the teeth whitening by Plasma (whitening at the dental clinic) and/or taking teeth impression, making a bleaching tray (in case of home bleaching).

Step 4:

Take care and appoint a specific re-examination schedule.


  • Bleach only works with real teeth, not with porcelain teeth.
  • The bleaching results depend on the age, the staining of teeth and the nature of staining. If the color is too dull, you need to combine teeth whitening in the clinic and at-home method for optimal results.
  • Due to the different tooth enamel structure, the sensitivity will vary for each patient.
  • Customers should stop the procedure when teeth are sensitive. However, do not worry when you feel slight sensitivity, this symptom is completely normal when bleaching.
  • During the bleaching process and after 2 weeks of bleaching, you should abstain from eating colored foods, especially dark colors because, in this stage, sensitive enamel is easy to re-stained. To avoid this, you can use a straw to drink colored water.
  • After treatment, you should avoid drinking water that is too hot or too cold water to prevent tooth sensitivity.
  • Oral hygiene very carefully even during and after the procedure, so you will minimize the ability of re-stained teeth.


Bleaching1,500,000 – 3,500,000 VND (depending on the level of treatment)