Besides white aligned teeth, gums are equally important to create a beautiful smile. Therefore, in dentistry, “pink aesthetics” or “gum aesthetics” always comes with “white aesthetics”, in order to achieve the most perfect in treatment.

What are the common gum problems that lack aesthetics?

Melanin-infected gums:

Melanin is a pigment found in the skin and mucosa, making the skin and mucosa darker. Due to the condition, some people have a lot of melanin in their gums, turning their gums color from ruddy to dark brown. This is completely not a pathology, but just a natural expression of the body. However, it causes a lack of aesthetics, making the sufferer lose confidence when laughing.

Reveal the gums when smiling:

Also known as a low laugh line. A smile is considered “ideal” when the revealed gums is about 1-2mm. A smile that shows too much gums will make you feel inelegant.

Asymmetrical smiling line:

The smiling line is the line drawn by the upper lip when smiling. A good smile will make the smiling line symmetrical, and the smile line in women is often more curved as an expression of femininity.

Low labial frenum:

The labial frenum is the part that attaches to the gum of the upper lip. This part of the mouth sticks lowly to the incisors, making the smile not “maximally open”, and causes the gap-toothed upper front teeth.

Types of gum aesthetics treatment at hiDental

1. Treatment of melanin-infected gum by laser:

  • Lasers used at intensity and time have been shown to be safe for the human body
  • The treatment takes only 15-30 minutes
  • Simple and painless, there is no need for needle anesthesia
  • The effect is shown right after treatment
Hình ảnh nướu trước và sau khi được điều trị thẩm mỹ (Nguồn: Chuyên trang ACE Dental Resource)

2. Smile design:

This is a comprehensive smile aesthetic treatment that includes improvement of both teeth and gums

  • Smile analysis: Your smile will be analyzed by doctors to identify the characteristics that need to improve.
  • Consultation: The hiDental doctor will use the smile design software to inform you of the treatment plan (including teeth that need to change shape, gums after treatment). This is a state-of-the-art tool that gives you an image of the results.
  • Treatment of changing the shape and color of teeth: making porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, crowned, etc.
  • Treatment of changing the shape and color of gums: gums cutting, labial frenum cutting by the laser.


Gum aesthetics1,000,000 VND – 4,000,000 VND (depending on the level of treatment)