In cases of losing multiple teeth and adjacent teeth, patients do not want to sharpen teeth or can not do implant, so a removable prosthodontics is an ideal choice. The removable prosthodontics is a type of dentures that you can remove and attach easily. Dentures include plastic teeth that replace missing teeth and a pink base of teeth like the color of gums.

Regarding materials, there are 2 types of removable prosthodontics:

1. Frame dentures:

The base of the dentures has a sturdy metal frame, covered with pink gum plastic, on the top is dentures. The dentures rest on the remaining teeth so the occlusal force is distributed more physiologically, causing less bone resorption at the position of the lost teeth. The feeling of eating is also more authentic than a plastic prosthesis. This type of dentures is also usually more durable (7-10 years) but cannot be assigned if there are too few teeth left.

2. Plastic dentures

The base is entirely made of plastic, kept by hook loops through the teeth. Assigned when too many teeth are lost, the remaining teeth are incapable of supporting the denture. The impactful force when chewing will be transmitted completely on the bone floor where the tooth is lost, causing a lot of bone resorption.

Hàm khung và hàm nhựa (Nguồn: Chuyên trang Kiến thức Nha khoa)

The removable prosthodontics operation procedure:

 The procedure usually takes 4 sessions to complete:

  • Session 1: Examining, consulting, sharpening the fulcrums if making the frame and taking the sign (impression?), record the correlation of 2 dentures.
  • Session 2: Try wax dentures to adjust. At this stage, if you are not satisfied, do not hesitate to inform, the doctor at hiDental will adjust the most aesthetic and physiological for you.
  • Session 3: Assigning and making final adjustments.
  • Session 4: Re-examination and treatment of pain (if the patient feels pain).

Time and amount of work will depend on the number of lost teeth:

  • If the patient still has many teeth, the number and position of the lost teeth are favorable: For this type of procedure, the procedure is simpler and the ability to hold the adhesive is also better because of the better reconstruction of the occlusal as well as the number of real teeth makes more root.
  • In case the patient has very little or no teeth: The prosthodontics of all the teeth are full. In these cases, reconstructing the occlusal like when the teeth were not lost is a real challenge for the doctor. This is also the time-consuming and the most labor-intensive period, but if not done well, it will cause lots of discomfort, pain and even unable to use the dentures.

What do you get from using removable prosthodontics at hiDental?

  • Aesthetics: Experienced doctors at hiDental will work with you to choose the best color and shape for your dentures.
  • Physiology: An extremely important issue of the denture is that the doctor needs to ensure that the patient’s physiological occlusal is re-established so that chewing and pronunciation are not obstructed. With a team of well-trained doctors and an occlusal specialist, hiDental is confident to bring you the most physiotherapeutic dentures.
  • Sustainability: HiDental provides the best denture materials: strong alloys against rust, plastic for dental use, and dentures imported from South Korea and the United States. These materials are high cost, but to ensure quality and safety for customers.


Removable dentures300,000 VND – 10,000,000 VND (depending on the level of treatment)