What is Metal Braces?

  • Braces are a method of overcoming the gap-toothed, overbite, underbite teeth with orthodontic instruments worn regularly in the mouth.
  • “Teeth and headhair are the human figures”, beautiful teeth is an indispensable important part for anyone to achieve a perfect appearance. While aesthetic fillings or porcelain veneers can last for about 10 years and are only designed to repair minor imperfections, braces are the most thorough and long-term solution for the teeth are much misaligned.
  • Misaligned teeth not only lose aesthetic but also affect the chewing function, even badly affecting health. Teeth mismatch between the jaws make chewing activity less effective. In return, the jaw must work with high intensity in non-physiological movement postures, which can slowly lead to jaw pain in the temporomandibular joint, headache. Moreover, crowded teeth will make them more easy to get food, but the brush is difficult to reach these areas for cleaning, which will eventually lead to tooth decay and gingivitis. So braces not only for beautiful teeth but also to ensure you a strong one.


Braces by fixed instrument

Braces by fixed instrument:

  • Metal braces is the most popular type of braces today. Implements, including brackets, band, and archwire, are permanently attached to the teeth, which will work all day, making tooth changes faster. Specifically, braces (rectangular devices, with hook arms) are attached to the teeth with dental paste. A band is a metal band attached around the innermost teeth, and dental archwire is an object that is bend in the shape of a dental arc that is hooked on braces.
  • From there, the teeth will move gradually according to the doctor’s intentions. The archwire will be changed frequently to adjust the force, direction of pulling teeth, …. Based on the requirements of the treatment regimen, there will be cases that customers need to attach more minivis on the jawbone to increase traction.

Metal braces is a complex aesthetic dentistry form, requiring doctors to be professional, highly skilled and have good aesthetics. Equipment and instruments have to be modern and hygienic. With a team of experienced doctors and full facilities, hiDental is confident to completely satisfy you with the most perfect braces service, helping you soon have regular and beautiful teeth to show a fresh smile!


Metal braces16,000,000 VND – 85,000,000 VND (depending on the level of treatment)