Braces are a method of overcoming the gap-toothed, overbite, underbite teeth, crooked teeth, and distorted teeth with orthodontic instruments worn regularly in the mouth.

Braces at hiDental:

hiDental has received a lot of customer sharing from all industries about lack of confidence in communication because teeth are not aligned or “messy”. A businesswoman always shies when meeting partners because of misaligned teeth. Another diplomat always tried to cover his wide smile because of his misaligned, not beautiful teeth. Understanding customer insight, hiDental will conscientiously accompany you on the long journey to conquer flawless teeth and a beautiful smile.

Moreover, don’t think that braces are just for beauty, that’s a big mistake! Regular teeth help you not only aesthetics but also improving chewing function while avoiding many other unpleasant oral diseases such as gingivitis, tooth decay, bad breath. In some other cases, the misaligned teeth also lead to joint pain, affecting the quality of life and work.

Therefore, if you are having dental problems, misaligned teeth and desire to have healthy teeth, make an appointment with hiDental doctors!

HiDental offers a full range of braces treatment services suitable for each age and each personnel below

1. Metal braces

Metal braces (Source: News)

2. Invisalign clear aligners

niềng răng invisalign
Khay niềng răng Invisalign (Nguồn: LinkedIn)

hiDental always wants to bring customers the most quality and effective experience. If you are anxious to find yourself a reputable, high-quality dental clinic with a reasonable cost, please contact hiDental immediately!