Exam - General counsultation

Do you want your dental health to be better and more comprehensive? Or do you want to improve your tooth aesthetics to be more confident? Or do you simply have dental problems that bother you?
Welcome to hiDental! With General Examination & Consultation, hiDental will take care of your teeth from the smallest details, in the most dedicated and friendly professional perspective.

The procedure of general examination & consultation at hiDental:

1. Visiting and listening:

The dentist will examine and consult carefully about the expression and function of the entire odonto-stomatology system: not only teeth but also soft tissues, motor muscles of the jaw and temporomandibular joint. We always respect and listen to all issues and concerns about customers’ teeth, so do not hesitate to share with our doctors.

2. General X-ray and image diagnosis

For patients with oral problems, general X-ray is an important step in helping detect the situation and assign the most accurate and appropriate treatment plan.

khám nha khoa tổng quát
Chụp phim tổng quát tại Nha khoa hiDental

3. Consultation, dental examination and starting treatment:

After fully identifying the issues, the doctor will consult, examine and make a suitable plan for the condition and needs of each patient. In particular, at hiDental, the doctors will guide you with all treatment types including:

  • The necessary treatment steps
  • Pros and cons of each of these treatments
  • The price of each service & treatment is reasonable to the needs of customers.

From there, you will select the service that meets your needs and receive treatment immediately. The records will be saved by the system to monitor your dental health in future.


General examination package
(Exam, X-ray, Scrape)
700,000 VND