What is dental X-Ray?

Digital X-ray film is an extremely important tool in the diagnosis and treatment of oral maxillofacial diseases. However, the cost of installing the cameras as well as building a safe shooting room is still a problem with many dental clinics. Therefore, many dental clinics cannot invest in modern equipment, causing customers uncomfortable and unsafe using process.

Digital X-ray at hiDental:

With the guideline “Put the customer health and experience as the core”, hiDental has invested in the modern X-ray room system which meets the safety standards of the Vietnam Ministry of Health. Let take a quick look at our modern equipment system

  • 3 different types of film camera systems imported from Europe: periapical film (1 tooth capture), panoramic film (shooting 2 jaws), CT conebeam film (3D)
  • Customers are to always wear lead shirts to limit the effects of X-ray
  • The wall of the X-ray room is made of lead, which prevents the rays from spreading out and affecting other rooms
  • Captured images are digitally stored and printed only when needed, saving costs for customers. You don’t need to bring it every time you exam.
  • Modern software adjusts contrast and brightness to help better see structures.
Dịch vụ chụp phim X-quang tại hiDental
Phim chụp X-quang tại hiDental

After “visiting” the rooms as well as the cameras system, hiDental hopes that you will always feel safe whenever you need to take X-rays at hiDental.


Digital radiologyVND 50,000 – 700,000 (depending on the level of treatment)