The following signs show that you may have root canal problems:

  • Severe toothache even when not chewing
  • Swollen gums
  • There is pus in gums
  • Tooth decay or large broken
You should quickly go to the hiDental clinic! You may have myelitis and needs to cure root canal.
Myelitis should be treated as soon as possible. If it is delayed, the pain will come back and get worse. The bacteria in the bone marrow can also destroy the teeth. Toothache sometimes makes you want to “extract the tooth immediately”. However, when you have extracted your tooth, you must replace it by the denture. In addition, during root canal treatment, it helps to retain your true teeth, help you feel more comfortable and confident.

What does root canal treatment include?

After the general examination, you will take a dental X-ray to assess the situation before treatment and during treatment to monitor.
In case you still get toothache, the doctor will anesthetize before conducting to cure the root canal. The pulp chamber inside the tooth will then be opened with a dental drill. The pulp is completely removed and the doctor will clean the chamber and the root canals.
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During the treatment, if necessary, the dentist will place a liner to isolate your teeth from the environment inside the mouth. However, this step can make you feel uncomfortable. The liner placing is extremely important to ensure an optimal clean environment, limiting the invasion of bacteria.

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In complicated cases, the doctor needs to monitor several appointments before filling the canals. Finally, the missing teeth pieces will be restored by fillings or crowning.

Things to know when curing root canal:

  • In order for the root canal treatment bringing the desired results, you may take one or more appointments depending on the damage of the root canal.
  • In case you have to take the root canal several times, you may get pain during treatment period. At that time, tell the doctor immediately so the doctor can handle the pain for you.

Notes after curing root canal

  • Limit chewing with the treated tooth until you recover the crown. Because the treated teeth at this time are more brittle than healthy teeth.
  • Should clean clearly and carefully the teeth. In addition, after eating you should also use dental floss to effectively cleaning.
  • You can eat and drink normally. However, if the food is too hard, you should limit chewing on the side where the root canal is treated.


Curing root canalVND 400,000 – VND 3,000,000 (depending on the level of treatment)