Currently, porcelain crowns are favored by many people to have a regular, bright white teeth. However, spreading porcelain crowns in a rampant way, not in accordance with the instructions will affect the real teeth, causing many serious consequences: abrasion of real teeth, damage to the pulp, open ankles, … can even lead to tooth loss.

Porcelain crowns should only be worn in the following cases under the advice and advice of a specialist:

Dull yellow teeth due to infection with antibiotics
Losing 1 or a few teeth without conditions plug the Implant
Broken teeth
Gap-toothed, crooked teeth….within the confines of porcelain

To make it easier for everyone to overcome the above shortcomings, hiDental PROMOTES 15% PORCELAIN CROWN for 2 services:

➤ All porcelain crowns 
➤ Veneer porcelain

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