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Do you have any plans for 2020? If not, what else waiting for experiencing hiDental international dental standards to have a really strong, bright teeth and attractive promotions in early 2020.

Time: Feb 10, 2020 – May 15, 2020
15% instant discount for services: Ceramic teeth/ Bridges, Braces/ Invisalign
0% interest instalment
You can refer to the price list of dental services hiDental here: The price list of hiDental clinic

HiDental Clinic – Proud of international dental standards
Coming to hiDental, you will experience the best that a dental clinic can offer.

Highly qualified team of doctors: hiDental team of doctors is highly specialized in the profession with the devotion to the patients, you will always get the best results.

Modern equipment: Imported from Europe, modern technology equipments make the treatment much more effective, still very safe and do not adversely affect patients.

Reasonable price: hiDental is always proud that with the quality and value of services that our clinic brings, we guarantee that the price here is always the best and worth which you have to spend.

Safe, high-efficiency medical treatment process: Before going into treatments, our experienced doctors wil examine to make an effective and safe assessment and treatment process. Best for you. Thereby avoiding the complications or irritation may occur.

Relaxing green space is available at hiDental: Unlike the closed, stuffy design, hiDental clinic has been take the lead to create a green, open and extremely clean space. The space creates comfort and relaxation for customers who visit hiDental.

Hygiene always comes first: Hygiene is always our top priority. The air in the clinic is always filtered and treated to be always clean and free of viruses. In addition, the device is also completely hygienic before and after use to ensure the health of patients and doctors. So as to ensure aseptic problems in dental clinic, our hiDental has joined with MELAG – the international standard autoclave sterilization system (MELAG is currently the best exclusive system for sterilizing instruments in the world).

Come to hiDental for advice and receive the best deals:

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